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This year's Grading Dates for beginners and coloured belts are available in our Grading Section - follow this link to find them.

Our Grading Syllabus contains links to the Kata required for each grade up to 1st Dan (Black Belt) - follow this link and click on the Kata name.

Our next Little Warriors and Adult Grading for beginners and coloured belts will be held on Sunday 12th May February 2019 in the Wurlitzer Hall at the Leisure centre. Grading forms will be available 3 weeks prior to this date and grading times will be published at the same time.

Dan Grading - We will be holding our next black belt grading on Sunday 7th April 2019 from 10.30 - 12.30. Prior to this on Sunday 17th March we will be running a Seminar from 10.30am - 12.30, open to Brown Belts and above.
This seminar is a training session for all high grades and not just for those taking their Black Belts
Please note our venue for these events is St John's Memorial Hall on St John's Lye, GU21 7SZ.

Our Little Warriors Birthday parties are proving to be a huge success. If you wish to know more about having one for your child click here to download our leaflet or contact us directly.

About us

Woking Karate Club has been in existence since 1981 and is a thriving Shotokan club with a family-type atmosphere where all are welcome. We currently have a Senior Membership of around 50 men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages and grades. Our Junior Club, known as LITTLE WARRIORS, has a membership in the region of 100 regular trainees from the age of 4 upwards.

The club is run by Sensei Fil Artusa (5th Dan) with assistance from instructor Sensei Carmine (3rd Dan) and Club secretary Sensei Kim. There is also a growing number of other Dan grades to offer advice and assistance. More information about our instructors can be found here.

Club nights are for all grades but additionally we offer the more experienced Junior and Senior members the opportunity to train in a more specalised concentrated serious environment.

Mission Statement
Our aim is to bring out the best in every student, regardless of their ability or disability and to promote health, fitness, self control, discipline and confidence in every student. We will endeavour to encourage every single person that enters our door to do their best and achieve their full potential in all they do, but above all the emphasis will always be on fun and enjoyment.

Our Code of Conduct for the club can be found here.


Training is both necessary and enjoyable. Students are encouraged to train at least twice a week where possible.

For information on location, times and costs click on the following link Where to Find Us


You don't have to be a member to start training with us but Membership will be required after an initial period especially to Grade or take part in Competitions.
An annual fee of £25 is payable for juniors with a one off Licence fee of £5. For Seniors the annual fee is £30, together with the one off Licence fee of £5.
Select the appropriate link below to download a printable Registration Form or ask for one on a training night. If you are already a Member, your Membership needs to be renewed each year. Select the appropriate link below to download a printable renewal form.

Grading Information

Grading sessions are held every three months and you must be a member to take part.

Follow this link to our Grading section where you'll find our Grading Dates for this year and the Grading Syllabus for each grade up to 1st Dan, including links to Kata demonstrations. At the appropriate times Grading Forms will also be available in this section.

Our Grading section also has a glossary of English and Japanese names for the main karate techniques and sections on karate etiquette, an important part of our training and grading process.


Our next Tournament day will be 30th June 2019.


Watch this space.

Club History

The club started as the Lion Works Karate club with chief instructor Michael Say. Sensei Fil took over in 1976 while still a 1st Kyu and in 1981 the club became Woking Karate Club and moved to Woking Leisure Centre where it has remained ever since.

In 1988 LITTLE WARRIORS was formed for 4 - 12 year olds to promote karate to a much younger age group with the emphasise on fun and enjoyment and installing discipline.

Woking Karate Club has now matured into one that is open to martial artists from all styles who have an open attitude and are willing to learn.

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